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Epic Brand Battle Review: Apple vs. Samsung

This model is available in black, gray or white. It certainly delivers on all its promises, in terms of price and performance. One of the most interesting things about it is that it made from plastic. This design choice makes it significantly lighter but not less stylish than the other …

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Things to Look For in a Smartphone

It is also worth noting that the Apple Watch 2 comes equipped its own onboard GPS. On top of that, it also brings with it the newest watch OS software. It certainly delivers in terms of design and performance. Be warned though, as this smartwatch can be a bit expensive.

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The Google Glass: Is it worth it?

This is the smartwatch to beat in the market today. The reason for that is simple: it incorporates all the features of a fitness tracker and integrates it seamlessly with Android Wear 2.0 OS. This means that aside from the regular fitness tracking capabilities of other smartwatches, the Watch Sport …

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Smart Watch: Is it a Smart Purchase?

Without question, the Asus ZenWatch 3 should belong on your shopping list, if you are in the market for a new smartwatch compatible with Android Wear. It has consistently proven itself as one of the best models available today. Not only does it have a great display and a good …

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Basic Gadget Shopping Tips

Initial Thoughts Despite being the brand’s latest model, the Honor 9 is an overly familiar phone in more ways than one. If there is anything wrong with it, it is that it lacks the spirit of innovation. It feels very much the same as the other phones put out by …

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