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The TEEAM Executive Board is comprised of elected teachers and administrators from across the state. Members of the board are elected at the annual TEEAM conference held in October. The TEEAM Executive Board meets at the ARL Building in Howard County. Meetings begin at 5:30 PM in Room B60. TEEAM Board meetings are open to the general public.

For specific meeting dates, contact Sharon Kramer

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TEEAM Constitution - PDF

Executive Director - Duties *(see a more complete explanation in the TEEAM By Laws)

  • the Executive Director shall coordinate the programs and actions of the Association as directed by the Executive Board.
  • publish 2 newsletters (December and May) and two bi-annual Association publications (February and September).
  • report on the state of the Association at each board and general meeting
  • provide assistance to all committees
  • maintain a record and mailing list of all members
  • maintain a record of the proceedings of the Association including Treasurer's reports and secretarial minutes.
  • Provide general coordination of all publications
  • develop and distribute an agenda for meetings

President -

The President shall preside at all meetings of the Association and of the Executive Board and shall perform the usual duties of this office togother with all special ones required by the bylaws.

The President shall appoint, upon approval of the Executive Board, all special committees deemed necessary and shall also be an ex-officio member of all committees.

The President will plan and implement an annual awards recognition event for members of the association.

  1. Decide on a location, vendor, and date for the dinner
  2. Put together a flyer to go out to all county supervisors and members announcing a call for nominations for the following awards annually: new middle school teacher, new high school teacher, new elementary teacher, elementary teacher excellence, middle school teacher excellence, high school excellence, middle school program, high school program, undergraduate student scholarship award, lifetime achievement, leadership, advocacy award. Post a deadline for accepting nominations.
  3. post flyer on the TEEAM website
  4. locate and reserve a keynote speaker
  5. organize an awards committee and date to review and decide on the category winners
  6. reserve a "master of ceremonies" for the dinner
  7. awards committee reviews and selects winners of awards
  8. invite all award nominees to the TEEAM conference
  9. print award certificates and nominee certificates
  10. announce award winners at the October TEEAM conference
    and give out certificates
  11. Send out advertisements about the dinner
  12. collect reservations and money
  13. collect information and photos for sending to the ITEEA for the convention awards ceremony
  14. organize an awards dinner committee for reservations checkin, banner setup, photography, table seating chart
  15. Awards Dinner during Engineering Week

The President will oversee the Professional Recognition and Awards Committee.

TEEAM Past President

The TEEAM Past President will attend all TEEAM Executive Board meetings and plan, coordinate, organize, and evaluate the annual TEAM conference held every year during the third week of October.

November- December

• Conduct an initial convention planning meeting
o Review evaluations for each session and for the entire convention
o Compile a list of potential speakers/presenters
o Develop a conference theme and select a keynote speaker
• Complete orientation and job description for convention planning members
• Solicit conference planning committee membership

January – February

• Identify the following conference committee chairs:
o Registration
o Vendors Booths and Vendor Presentations
o Middle School Presentations
o High School Presentations
o Facilities
o Food

• Convention chairs distribute introductory letter to presenters
o Distribute convention information form to presenters or obtain information over the phone
• Determine costs for speakers (airfare, room, honorarium)
• (If new venue) Discuss facility layout with a possible visit to the site
• Discuss preliminary room assignments (chart)
• Present possible topics/presenters to the TEEAM Board (April)

• Arrange final room assignments, topics, and any other changes to Convention Program
• Verify equipment/audiovisual needs for each session

• Mail room assignment letter to presenters
• Post preliminary conference agenda to http://www.techedmd.org
• Send preliminary conference agenda to membership via email.

• Finalize and print convention program (Must be completed by September 1)
• Distribute map and directions to convention site
• Confirm keynote speaker
• Email final confirmation letter to presenters
• Handle any late problems and arrange for special equipment or audio-visual needs

• Secure an electronic copy of all conference presentations for http://www.techedmd.org by October 3, 2008.
• Confirm that all conference committee chairs have completed all duties as assigned.
• Make any last minute changes
• Be present at the entire convention
• Attend the general membership session
Post-Convention (Must be completed prior to Thanksgiving)
• Mail thank you notes to presenters and their immediate supervisor/principal


TEEAM President – Elect

  • The President-Elect shall assume the office of President at the end of his term.
  • - In the event the office of President shall become vacant, such a vacancy shall be filled by the President-Elect.
  • - In the absence of the President the President-Elect shall act as president pro tempore at executive or general membership meetings.
  • - The President-Elect will plan and oversee Association sponsored workshops and MD Engineering Challenge events.


TEEAM Vice President for Relations and Student Affairs -

  • The Vice President for Professional Relations and Affairs shall be responsible for the following committees:
  • - Student Recruiting Committee
  • - Student Clubs Committee
  • - Student Contests Committee
  • In the event the office of President and President-Elect shall become vacant, the office of President shall be filled on an interim basis by this Vice President until the special election required by these bylaws.
  • In the absence of the President, President-Elect, and Past President this Vice President shall act as president pro tempore at executive or general membership meetings.

TEEAM Treasurer -

The Treasurer shall collect, disburse, and maintain all fees, dues, monies, and records in the manner prescribed by the Executive Board; shall submit regular financial statements in the form and frequency prescribed by the Executive Board; shall prepare and submit an annual statement for the fall conference of the Association; and shall generally perform such duties as are ordinarily incumbent upon a Treasurer.

TEEAM Secretary

The Secretary shall keep a full and accurate report of the proceedings of the meetings of the Association and of the Executive Board; shall be custodian of all records, except financial, that pertain to functions of the Association; shall distribute a copy of the minutes of the Executive Board's meetings to all members of the Executive Board and District Representatives within two (2) weeks of the meeting; shall mail ballots to the membership; and shall be responsible for keeping all correspondence. The Secretary shall also perform such duties as may be prescribed by the President.

- The Secretary shall act as Parliamentarian.

--- Robert's Rules of Order Revised (latest edition) shall govern all deliberations of the Association and its Executive Board except as otherwise provided in these bylaws.

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